Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wolf in the breast

mirror coffin
leese looks
skull roses
girls as ghosts

unbelievably blessed & busy. moving is such an overwhelming task, but the new apartment is coming together - antique oak dining room table, black couch and chair with brown leather trim, vintage iron bed, my teenage maple dresser & armoire set to hold my overflowing closet ... the list goes on and on. i cannot wait until it is complete - every time i have felt like pulling my hair out recently i just walk up to the new space & once again feel calm. it is so quiet and lush, and with this heady summer about to fall upon us i cannot wait for its dark nooks and crannies.

with moving + working + my fiance + my coven + my desperate need for alone time i have basically no time to pursue the internet. it has been a surprisingly good break; i forget how looking at pictures of everything i could ever (but will probably never) have gets exhausting and tiresome. attempting to look at fashion as art again, and not as something i have to attain. it feels better that way.

hope you all are well. xxxo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

no new tale to tell





rag and bone resort 2011 via

pretty much the only thing to come out this "season" that has really caught my eye. i like the shoes that chloe did for opening ceremony, and i guess i liked alexander wang, but i would wear every piece shown here, constantly. the boots + socks combo is especially pleasing, and i want the blouse in the second photo so badly - it would be so good with some old black jeans. my best friend always tells me that i am "interiors goth" - meaning, goth in the way that the woody allen film "interiors" is. quite possibly that makes no sense to you, but this collection sums it up perfectly for me.

my kingdom

croc docs
skull tree
still into it
blue lipstick
golden daul
flower print
in a sea
so impressed by you

listening to simple minds, eating burritos, watching the clouds build outside.

Monday, June 7, 2010

sweet tooth


(via noir facade)

title: it's my party
magazine: acne paper sweden #10 spring/summer 2010
models: rianne ten haken, natasa vojnovic, mirte maas
photographer: daniel jackson

the pillow book

"Intimacy is female. Love, marriage, domesticity, parenthood, even close friendships — basically any situation in which you might find yourself having a feeling, without the option of resolving that feeling by shooting something to death — have all, pretty much, been assigned to the chicks. Men have more interesting things to deal with! Things like war, and politics, and careers, and swordfights, and occasionally landing on the motherfucking moon! Granted, men also have families and homes and friends and (I’m told) feelings. But such things are not manly! Let us not speak of them! The chicks, it is their job to discuss these things!

It’s why Jane Austen is boring unless someone adds in zombie fights. (Ha ha, the commodification of female sexuality due to women’s restricted ability to participate in the public sphere, and the resultant struggle of women to simultaneously leverage their sexuality for status and money, restrain all sexual desires that did not stand a chance of turning a profit, and forge happy, affectionate partnerships with men: ZZZZZZZ.) It’s why raising a child isn’t book-worthy unless parent and child are both also dudes trekking through an apocalyptic wasteland filled with feral baby-eating hill folk. It’s why Jonathan Franzen freaked out when his novel about a family got picked up by Oprah’s Book Club and thereby lumped in with all of those other, female novels about families; it’s why “chick-lit” is a derogative; it’s why even girls don’t want to read about girls. Intimacy, privacy, domestic life: All of these are associated with women. And when we associate something with The Ladies, we assume that it, much like The Ladies themselves, is not worth our time.

It’s also, in case you wondered, why one of the best ways to insult somebody’s work is to say that it “reads like a diary.” Because diaries: They are pretty much for the chicks, as well! They have unicorns and heart-shaped locks and glitter on them and everything! And the process of documenting your own intimate life, often admitting to feelings about it, is a very extremely girly thing to do. (Except for when men do it, in which case they are Bravely Sharing Their Innermost Feelings and must never be criticized for anything they actually say.) Like: Remember when people were trying to figure out why there were No Female Bloggers? “There are no female bloggers,” went the line, “but why?” And then people pointed out that there were female bloggers, lots of them, and the line was then, “but why are they not so widely read?” And then people pointed out that they were widely read, but not by the people asking those questions. And then the line was, “well, but women write about Personal Things. And men write about Real Issues and the News. And that is why we do not read female bloggers, which is why there are none. The End! We figured it out!” It works the way patriarchy always works: We tell girls to do certain things (care about dating; care about motherhood; Be In Touch With Their Feelings), and then when they do them (care about dating enough to write about their dates; care about motherhood enough to start a mommy blog; Be so In Touch With Their Feelings that they consider those Feelings important enough to consider at length and then share with the world at large) we tell them that those activities are worthless and stupid and a waste of our time."

this is an excerpt from THIS genius article "What We Read When We Don’t Read The Internet PRESENTS! How Sei Shonagon Invented Your Tumblr." i love tiger beatdown always, but this! please read the whole thing - its scope, wit, and complete relevance is amazing.


love my way

the best
dude shoes

my fiance just made us breakfast for dinner - delicious and comforting. we are starting to pack up our current apartment - the anticipation is getting to be too much! as much of a pain as it is, i love moving; new clean spaces, new furniture, that fresh sense of belonging. it is such a needed change (we probably should have moved out of here a year ago, at least) and i can't wait for it to come into fruition.

this last weekend was lovely, per usual. had an amazing thrifting day - black silk, velvet leopard print, the perfect ankle boots ... restored my faith in even attempting to purchase from second hand stores, as before this i'd struggle to walk away with even one exciting purchase.

anyways, i am asleep on my feet, and excited for bed. xoxo.