Saturday, April 24, 2010

i won't let you down

about to go crawl into bed with the fiance and watch lost, but wanted to share this gem beforehand -- definitely one of my favorite music videos fashion-wise, for obvious reasons!


vogue italia may 09

russh 31 nov dec 09

vogue germany oct 2002 3

numero 66 sep 05

tush 19

tush 3 2008 2

vogue italia may 09 / russh #31 december 09 / vogue germany october 02 / numero #66 september 05 / tush #19 / tush #3

golden years




(via facehunter)

really, really, really good.

longest post ever!


my best friend and i watched a lot of films while we lived together. i mean A LOT - four or five a day. "peau d'ane" - aka "donkey skin" - turned into one of our favorites, and was played over and over and over again. it was made in 1970, directed by jacques demy, and stars catherine deneuve, who is just the most gorgeous creature ever (especially in polanskis "repulsion" - but that's another post.) did i already mention that it's a musical, based off a french fairy tale about a king trying to marry his daughter?? OH I DIDN'T? beyond being hilarious for containing songs about exactly WHY it's wrong to marry your dad, it is fantastically, ridiculously costumed - almost what i imagine a later, color cocteau film would look like, if one existed. ANNNYWAYS - here are some stills!

ds 2
ds 5
ds 6
ds 7
ds 9
ds 10
ds 11

if these stills don't intrigue you, i don't think you have any sort of imagination/love for the beautifully absurd. go rent/netflix/steal "donkey skin" asap - it's the definition of fantastic.

sun breaks

alex and chloe
alex and chloe 2

alex and chloe
... perfection!



really into braids right now! i almost always wear my hair in a huge, messy top-knot; i play with it too much when it's down & it ends up driving me crazy. so today i braided a few parts & just put it up as normal - it adds nice texture, and is stupid easy.

also, something i just realized, like, yesterday - since my hair is ALWAYS up, i can wear earrings! i used to have super short hair & wore them all the time; whenever i see a cute pair now my brain automatically vetoes them because i have "long" hair. anyways! here are some current etsy favorites:


love love love love love the snake pair!

thai iced tea

nina hartmann
fated to pretend
pamela love
a wang fall 2010
v westwood

nina hartmann / found / fated to pretend / found / p. love / a. wang / found / klaus nomi / v. westwood

Friday, April 23, 2010

teenage crime


went thrifting today with beautiful results -- so much amazing jewelry! black leather studded clogs & a rabbit fur vest as well. there are days when i have endless patience for sifting through clothing at secondhand/thrift stores -- today was not one of them, so i focused on accessories instead. i am going again with my best friend on sunday, and couldn't be more excited -- she always urges me to buy the things i have second thoughts about, which i love.

now we are settling down, thinking of thai for dinner & trying to decide which season of lost to watch (we're addicted, hopelessly.)

eyebrows and lipstick

tush 4 2008 2
tush 4 2008

tush #4 2008

full moon, empty heart

shae 3
shae 4
shae 5
shae 2

via shae acopian detar at

so luscious and beautiful!!!

forever favorites

michael alig, james st. james, amanda lapore, leigh bowery & ernie glam on the joan rivers show ... i really fucking love this.

sun & serenity

the killing moon 2
julian louie aw 2009
what is reality anyway
the killing moon

the killing moon / jakandjil / julian louie a/w 2009 / found x 2 / what is reality anyway / the killing moon

just real quick, before we leave to go thrifting -- still trying to interest myself in ANY sort of spring attire.