Saturday, April 3, 2010

hydra island

rick owens srkshdw jacket

etsy ManoCelebrates

htc 10,000 female double belt

jeffrey campbell nation ankle boots

♥ rick owens wrapped robot jacket via net-a-porter
♥ vintage etsy ankh necklace via mano celebrates
♥ htc 10,000 female double belt via net-a-porter
♥ j. campbell nation ankle boots via shopbob

today has been: rain rain rain, delicious take-out pho, 'lost' on dvd, and endless internet browsing. i love the rick owens jacket so much - i am not normally a big fan of jean, but i totally approve of the way it's used here. add leather and peaked shoulders to anything and i'll probably love it. the ankh necklace speaks for itself - fascinated by any and everything to do with ancient egypt. the belt is just one of those perfect pieces that i always need but can never find. and duh -- jeffrey campbell forever.

hippy johnny

wife for lj 3

wife for lj 5

wife for lj 6

wife for lj

so, this is my best friend jessica emerald (aka wife, witch sister, fig, angelcot) modeling for luxury jones, a previously portland-based, GORGEOUS clothing line designed by the darling nichole dimitras. she has since relocated to california (it seems that everyone is sick of our little rose city) and beyond being fucking amazingly talented she is one of the sweetest women i've ever met. go to her website (LUXURY JONES) look at her stunning collection, and lust after every last piece. i certainly do.

also: look at those platforms!!! fucking a-maz-ing.

evil eye

evil eye

additionally, i am totally coveting this jacket.

his royal badness

prince 3

prince 2

prince 1

my fiance and i love prince to an obsessive degree. i mean, really obsessive. this is just the beginning of what will be, i assume, tons of posts about prince & the way he dresses - he is constantly fascinating, constantly handsome, and undoubtedly wearing something crazy.

it doesn't really get better than that.

beyond belief




mrnewton 1



facehunter / mr.newton / copenhagen street style

the last photograph? exactly how i want to dress when i am older.

waterfall of black

amica italia march 2010 3

amica italia march 2010

amica italia march 2010 2

amica italia march 2010

everything about this is stunning.

as tough and romantic as the city he loved

annie hall 2


broadway danny rose

annie hall / manhattan / broadway danny rose

i love woody allen, and i love the women in his films -- the way they talk, the way they dress, everything! especially mariel hemingway in "manhattan" - so young! her eyebrows are perfection. and his continuous use of both mia farrow and diane keaton ... i just can't even explain how lovely i find both of them.

i could watch these films on repeat, forever, and never get bored.




blonde ilovewildfox

blonde edie sedgwick 2

found photos (x2) / ilovewildfox / edie sedgwick

while having a weird day about a week ago i told my fiance that i wanted to dye my hair black. his immediate reaction was horror - it would be so overwhelming! it was something i wanted to do simply because i wear a lot of black, not because it would actually improve my appearance! luckily (for everyone) my dearest friend had already pretty much talked me off the ledge. but ever since then i have been thinking of doing something to my hair. and today i feel like that something is: going blond.

it appeals to me for a lot of reasons -- a) i was blond in highschool, so i know what it looks like, b) my hair is light enough to plausibly get it very blond in just a few treatments, and c) i wouldn't have to dye my brows as well!

my fiance and i recently did a photo shoot for a local salon, and i am currently kicking myself for not asking them to do it FOR FREE beforehand. but, as i am sure everyone does, i have quite a few talented friends in the industry -- if this desire sticks around long enough i will consult with them. we shall see! it could be a nice change for summer.

Friday, April 2, 2010


nicholas kunz 2

nicholas kunz 3

nicholas kunz

(images via rackk and ruin)

nicholas kunz --
i can't get enough of this!

oh. my. god.



brand new

apartment therapy


hotel palazzina grassi


absolutely beautiful things

apartment therapy / fashion toast (x2) /
hotel palazzina grassi / absolutely beautiful things

among many, many other excitements surrounding our move, i literally cannot wait for a new apartment to decorate. i am very much the kind of person who is affected by her surroundings, and our current tiny, carpeted apartment just isn't cutting it. hunting for & purchasing new, wonderful furniture/trinkets is going to be such a treat!


pamela love cage ring

pamela love peacock ring

i am going to make an admission: i bite my fingernails. all the time, like crazy. it's my worst "bad habit" - the others being eating dessert for breakfast and spending way too much time (obviously) playing on the internet. i have, over the years, tried everything i can think of in order to stop - bitter nail polish, lavender on my fingertips in an attempt to calm down, and just plain concentration - nothing has worked. so! my new plan is to buy myself a bunch of beautiful rings - hopefully the fear of people actually looking at my hands via my jewelry will be enough to make me stop. i currently have my beautiful engagement ring and some vintage pieces, along with a few from forever 21 that i like ... but lets be realistic. they are from forever 21, they turn my fingers green, and there are way more lovely rings out there.

both of the ones above are from pamela love, obviously a crowd favorite, and with good reason. i adore the cage ring! it really is perfect for someone with smaller hands like me - i love longer/larger rings, but have a hard time with them fitting comfortably because my fingers are TINY.

dominic jones via stylebubble

(image via style bubble)

these are by dominic jones and are fucking AMAZING. his whole collection for a/w 10-11 is animalistic and totally entrancing - who doesn't want their fingers engulfed in beetle or claw rings? no one i know.

oak pyramid stud ring

and finally (plus way more realistically) there's this pyramid ring from oak. at only $28.00 it is totally affordable, beyond being the perfect basic piece. hopefully i'll be able to order it in the next few days - sometimes it's the little things, you know?


mara hoffman

this dress by mara hoffman is the first summery/brightly printed thing i've seen that i might actually wear. thinking about it with my totally beat up combat boots almost makes me excited for the sweltering days ahead. almost!

(image from bona drag)

shimmer shimmer like a girl should

medham kirchoff

meadham kirchoff 2

meadham kirchoff --
basically the semi-grown up version of how i dressed as a child/teen.
really, really love it!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


gemma slack fall winter 2010

gemma slack fall winter 2010 2

gemma slack f/w 2010

flower feet




while i know that these lotus shoes (used for chinese foot binding) are basically instruments of torture, i can't help but find the shoes themselves incredibly beautiful. especially that first pair - the detail and embroidery, the heels, all of it - just so stunning. i am glad they still exist, as artifacts only.

street style love




style sightings

facehunter / copenhagen / drop / style sightings
hair & cape / pop of color / maxi forever / coat & hat