Wednesday, June 16, 2010

wolf in the breast

mirror coffin
leese looks
skull roses
girls as ghosts

unbelievably blessed & busy. moving is such an overwhelming task, but the new apartment is coming together - antique oak dining room table, black couch and chair with brown leather trim, vintage iron bed, my teenage maple dresser & armoire set to hold my overflowing closet ... the list goes on and on. i cannot wait until it is complete - every time i have felt like pulling my hair out recently i just walk up to the new space & once again feel calm. it is so quiet and lush, and with this heady summer about to fall upon us i cannot wait for its dark nooks and crannies.

with moving + working + my fiance + my coven + my desperate need for alone time i have basically no time to pursue the internet. it has been a surprisingly good break; i forget how looking at pictures of everything i could ever (but will probably never) have gets exhausting and tiresome. attempting to look at fashion as art again, and not as something i have to attain. it feels better that way.

hope you all are well. xxxo