Tuesday, June 1, 2010

charlotte anne, i do understand

mango fall 2010
babe alert
obsessed with abbey
witch bitch
emily scarlett
everything about this is my favorite
red rum
dazed and confused
kenneth anger

loving basically everything my bright eyes see. i'm so happy to be home after a long day - curled up in blankets, sipping chai with the windows open to the rain. we've been looking at puppies on the humane society websites & talking about decorating the new apartment nonstop ... so excited. possible names for my puppy: blixa, lucretia, witchbaby, stagger lee, sylvia, camille (my favorite prince alter ego, although it may be a little weird as one of our parakeets is named camilla ... ) and faust - really, the list is endless. can't wait forever always so in love with everything!


June. said...

Witchbaby is amazing. I have been contemplating adopting a black cat and naming her FORTRESS!

Lorena said...

Some very cool stuff here, I absolutely love the photo with the red hair, silly glasses and peach suit, do you happen to know where it is from? I would love to see more if it's part of a set!
It's great to hear that you are going to adopt from a shelter! I really want to adopt a kitty from a shelter but unfortunately it wouldn't be practical in my life right now.

MCA said...

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