Thursday, April 22, 2010

beats on time time time time

discount 2
discount 4
discount 3
discount 5

(all images via DI$COUNT)


it's seriously like they just ate up all the awesome and amazing and smart and beautiful in the world -- and then let us look at it! blows my mind! i have been reading discount, and thefoxyman, for ages, and always adored all of it - but after going through some old posts today ... this is just exactly IT! exactly the carefree but totally formed style i love.

edited to add: i feel a desire to explain this more. i am a super tiny, teenage looking, messy woman. i have a hard time viewing myself as an adult, but i am. and i feel like looking at "fashion" on the internet a lot has made me think i NEED to be more adult, more "grown up" or refined in the way that i dress. as if it's no longer about wearing what you love, or what you connect to, but only only only about status and money. and it is women like cami and nadia (along with people like nina hagen, leigh bowery, and my best friend jessica) who help to challenge that feeling. i want to wear old ripped leggings, i want to wear fucking ridiculous vintage magicians-assistant outfits, i want to wear all the things i like & i want to wear them all at once! and i can, and i will, and this all encourages me. and that is awesome.

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