Saturday, April 24, 2010

longest post ever!


my best friend and i watched a lot of films while we lived together. i mean A LOT - four or five a day. "peau d'ane" - aka "donkey skin" - turned into one of our favorites, and was played over and over and over again. it was made in 1970, directed by jacques demy, and stars catherine deneuve, who is just the most gorgeous creature ever (especially in polanskis "repulsion" - but that's another post.) did i already mention that it's a musical, based off a french fairy tale about a king trying to marry his daughter?? OH I DIDN'T? beyond being hilarious for containing songs about exactly WHY it's wrong to marry your dad, it is fantastically, ridiculously costumed - almost what i imagine a later, color cocteau film would look like, if one existed. ANNNYWAYS - here are some stills!

ds 2
ds 5
ds 6
ds 7
ds 9
ds 10
ds 11

if these stills don't intrigue you, i don't think you have any sort of imagination/love for the beautifully absurd. go rent/netflix/steal "donkey skin" asap - it's the definition of fantastic.

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