Wednesday, April 28, 2010

boys on the radio



photobooth pictures of my fiance and me, taken a few months ago at a bar blocks from our house

looking at these it is CRAZY how fast my bangs have grown. another inch or two and they will be at my shoulders, finally. i almost bought hair dye at the grocery store last night, but talked myself out of it on the basis that i should have it professionally done - after years of self coloring i think it's time to place the burden in someone elses hands. beyond that, hopefully it will mean i don't end up with dye all over my ears/hands/bathroom.

after our delicious breakfast (seriously, portland people if you haven't tried isabels in the pearl GO NOW!!) we did a little shopping. my fiance needs a new pair of jeans every week it seems, and i always need everything. i walked away with a few new rings - all from forever 21, and thus pretty disposable, but i am sick of the OLD disposable ones, so. i also picked up a seriously gorgeous vintage jacket made of flowing velvet from a local resale shop. it doesn't look like anything i would normally wear - it's got a kind of indian vibe, with ruby toned paisley and elephants printed on it - but i could just picture it so perfectly with my high waisted blue jeans, a big belt and a pair of platforms that i couldn't pass it up. plus, it was only $10, and with all the saving we're attempting to do for our move ... it was kismet.

we should be getting the battery for our newly purchased camera soon, and then i will show it to you in all of it's glory - it really is a lovely piece. summer summer summer vibes finally!

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