Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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♡♡♡ happy birthday stephanie lynn nicks! ♡♡♡

i am beyond tired today, but very happy & satisfied. my fiance is home, and after hunting for suitable apartments for us all over the greater hollywood area with no real luck we've decided to stay here for a bit longer. we're going to move over to the east side of the city; all of the places we love are over there, as well as most of our friends & an abundance of luscious greenery. finding apartment around here is always such a treat - portland has tremendously beautiful old buildings. we desperately want a dog (preferably two little ones so they can bite each others ears & be dirt dogs together) which might make it harder, but we'll see. i am looking very forward to the next few months - i am going to a couple of concerts (carissa's weird in seattle and JACKSON BROWNE with my dad in southern oregon) and hopefully the weather will get better soon - drinks on porches, skirts & dresses, days at the river, etc etc. right now i am just excited to take a shower, eat some dinner (more brussell sprouts - i'm obsessed) and then get into bed with my new yorker & some ice cream.

there is a full moon tomorrow - i'll be dancing with the coven all night. xoxo.

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