Wednesday, May 26, 2010

split lip


obviously obsessed with the pre fall proenza shoes - who isn't?


ryder said...

i really dont know. they have amazing shoes. the best!

June said...

I'm following yoooou!

June said...

At least I think I am. I can't figure these things out. Hah!

MCA said...

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great! Like!

Blackcat said...

I love these shoes!!!!!!!1
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I love you........ said...

that bitch's red hair looks so good on her. awesome.
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I love you........ said...

who is that first girl... so striking!!!


apple said...

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khongthehieunoi said...


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HT said...

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Blackcat said...

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HT said...

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apple said...

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I'm waiting for HMY and TRE to get hammered. Then I'll buy some more.
GOt to say, NGD is looking strong