Saturday, May 15, 2010

enjoy the silence

o and s cross tank

o and s choose death

o and s pentagram

helllllooo! sorry for the silence - we've been super busy & the weather has been AMAZING; spending a lot of time outside in the sun does not make for frequent updates. anyways, i am already planning out what i am going to buy with my first paycheck (SO EXCITED, GUYS!!!) and these obesity & speed pieces are some of it. (along with the lace pants from bona drag, FINALLY.) i really need tank tops/t shirts for summer, and while i normally hate printed shirts, i love these. super simple, easy to further distress, lightweight fabric ... perfect.



i also really need new jewelry - my favourite turquoise pendant jumped loose from its setting at goth night, and i feel bereft/bare without it. i love these two pieces from bona drag (pamela love cobra necklace/unearthen vial necklace) but will probably end up going with some of the amazing, uncut quartz/amethyst pieces i found in an EXHAUSTIVE etsy search.

we are going to go play in the sunshine now!! i hope you all are enjoying your weekend. xo.


HAL said...

I'm totally ordering that Choose Death dress, I've been looking at it for weeks! Love O&S.

simson11 said...

Thanks for the report - it's good to see conventions one has no hope of ever seeing in the flesh! Some very good modelling there too - I especially like the Normandy landing terrain.
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