Monday, May 10, 2010

gold & rust

bitten nails
yvan rodic
garbage dress

want want want / mega ruffles / sigils / winking / pandora / bowie forever
bitten nails / yvan rodic / garbage dress / darker darkest / super adorable

super busy & beautiful weekend - the weather in portland FINALLY got nice for a bit. spent yesterday eating, shopping & sun soaking with my fiance; there really isn't much i like more than digging through second hand stores & eating ice cream multiple times in one day. ended our evening at a local bar that has a "video night" every sunday - kind of like karaoke, but you request videos that are projected on a wall instead. (and there is no singing for me to embarrass myself with, which is always a plus.) hummus plates & coca cola mixed with merlot, some of my best friends & THREE prince videos ... bliss!

now it's back to the normal week - i have to clean our house, do laundry, run a million errands, help my fiance with ebay listings, BLAH BLAH BLAH. as soon as i am done with my coffee & doughnut, right? suuuuuuure.

ps: new moon towards the middle of the month & mercury goes direct tomorrow!!!!

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