Thursday, April 1, 2010

an attempt

sophmore oh yoko t

jeffrey campbell white korova boot

lace flare pants

evil eye

lonely hearts cut out bra

sophmore oh yoko t / jeffrey campbell / bona drag /
evil eye crystal necklace / lonely hearts cut out bra

with warmer weather on its way i am trying desperately to come up with SOME idea of a spring/summer wardrobe. as soon as the season changes i start to hate almost everything up for grabs - it feels like some faux-tribal pastel flower monster puked all over the place. not my favorite!

my fiance and i are moving to california in the upcoming months (he's a transplant, and i can't stand the gray anymore) and my biggest worry is: how the fuck am i supposed to dress the way i do in 100+ degree weather??? this is the best i can come up with so far, with the idea of wearing the bra under sheer things? tee shirts always work, lace pants seem summery, as does white? i don't even know! this is a bigger undertaking than i thought - i have spent far too long bundled up under sweaters in the pacific northwest.

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