Friday, April 2, 2010


pamela love cage ring

pamela love peacock ring

i am going to make an admission: i bite my fingernails. all the time, like crazy. it's my worst "bad habit" - the others being eating dessert for breakfast and spending way too much time (obviously) playing on the internet. i have, over the years, tried everything i can think of in order to stop - bitter nail polish, lavender on my fingertips in an attempt to calm down, and just plain concentration - nothing has worked. so! my new plan is to buy myself a bunch of beautiful rings - hopefully the fear of people actually looking at my hands via my jewelry will be enough to make me stop. i currently have my beautiful engagement ring and some vintage pieces, along with a few from forever 21 that i like ... but lets be realistic. they are from forever 21, they turn my fingers green, and there are way more lovely rings out there.

both of the ones above are from pamela love, obviously a crowd favorite, and with good reason. i adore the cage ring! it really is perfect for someone with smaller hands like me - i love longer/larger rings, but have a hard time with them fitting comfortably because my fingers are TINY.

dominic jones via stylebubble

(image via style bubble)

these are by dominic jones and are fucking AMAZING. his whole collection for a/w 10-11 is animalistic and totally entrancing - who doesn't want their fingers engulfed in beetle or claw rings? no one i know.

oak pyramid stud ring

and finally (plus way more realistically) there's this pyramid ring from oak. at only $28.00 it is totally affordable, beyond being the perfect basic piece. hopefully i'll be able to order it in the next few days - sometimes it's the little things, you know?

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