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while having a weird day about a week ago i told my fiance that i wanted to dye my hair black. his immediate reaction was horror - it would be so overwhelming! it was something i wanted to do simply because i wear a lot of black, not because it would actually improve my appearance! luckily (for everyone) my dearest friend had already pretty much talked me off the ledge. but ever since then i have been thinking of doing something to my hair. and today i feel like that something is: going blond.

it appeals to me for a lot of reasons -- a) i was blond in highschool, so i know what it looks like, b) my hair is light enough to plausibly get it very blond in just a few treatments, and c) i wouldn't have to dye my brows as well!

my fiance and i recently did a photo shoot for a local salon, and i am currently kicking myself for not asking them to do it FOR FREE beforehand. but, as i am sure everyone does, i have quite a few talented friends in the industry -- if this desire sticks around long enough i will consult with them. we shall see! it could be a nice change for summer.

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