Monday, May 3, 2010

i believe in peace, bitch


jolijn snijders





i have a super busy week coming up ... two photoshoots & continued job hunting + the normal day to day stuff already feels overwhelming. i am very much a homebody - i like to watch my netflix, read my new yorker, pursue the internet & stay quiet. leaving our little apartment too much makes me anxious! beyond that, for all of the wonderful female energy i am constantly surrounded with i have been experiencing what feels like an equal amount of the parts of women that i abhor - that catty, proprietary, competitive side of all of us. while gross & discouraging, in the end it all slides off my back, and just makes me more grateful for the shining women that i do love.

we did our weekly grocery shopping yesterday - there is such a comfort in having cupboards fit to burst with delicious treats. i also attended a guided meditation that my friends valentine & brux do monthly - i am so grateful for the support and direction they bestow upon me, it's hard to express. and i am in love with the color i dyed my hair! it's darker & redder, much more appropriate for the way that i style myself. spent yesterday walking my best friends darling dogs & eating huge cheeseburgers - really, i am quite happy, sure of myself and those close to me. you can't really ask for more.

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Diya said...

amaaaazing inspirations.

ps. I just realized you had my link up in your blog ;)
pps. check out my new jewelry porn post. Definitely has a rocker/gothic edge to the pieces so you might like them.