Thursday, May 6, 2010



(image via spanish moss vintage)

i love everything about this! the top hat, the jewelry, the holes in the shirt ... perfect.

we had a super busy but SUPER GOOD day - errands errands, thrifting, a delicious lunch, shopping, photoshoot, post office, a delicious dinner. i FINALLY got a new purse - it is black pebbled leather with tons of hardware & i love it. i had been carrying a vintage bucket bag i got off of etsy for the last few months, but it was too small/annoyingly shaped. i also got a wonderfully simple black lace dress - loose and flowing i am sure it will get tons of use this summer. and my lovely friend desiree gifted me with a beautiful vintage sequined dress! she is such a treat, i love our photoshoots (for her vintage etsy store prance and swagger) more than i probably should. annnnnnnnyways, today was wonderful & now i am going to laze about on the internet and eat candy.

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