Saturday, May 22, 2010

the dreamer is still asleep


nastygal 2

nastygal 5

nastygal 4

nastygal 1


(all via nastygal)

sheer bliss top / cheap monday cut out dress
ruched with love socks / j.c. foxy platform
mink pink knit tank / witchcraft cardigan

this is where my next paycheck is going - along with some vintage band (neubauten, sisters of mercy, fad gadget) shirts i found on ebay. it was my first foray on there for months (does anyone even use it anymore??) but it's always been a treasure trove for cheap tees.

i like how even while "summer" shopping i can't pull myself away from knits; the crazy rain & wind storms we've been having in portland AREN'T HELPING!


disarming darling said...

NICE!! where you are living currently, and what brings you guys out here!? i was born and raised in california but i'm still so completely obsessed with palm trees, even though they've never been a novelty to me. i'm a california girl through and through. so rad that you're moving here!!


WET GOLD said...

we live in portland currently - i've been here since i was a child, but my fiance is a toluca lake/burbank transplant. we just need a change, and want some sun! i just got a really good job here, so we're staying a bit longer than expected to save more money, but should be there SOON!

i am terribly excited!