Friday, May 21, 2010

oh rose, thou art sick

so, besides listening to a lot of janet jackson / fiona apple / other "annoying" stuff while my fiance is out of town, i also end up listening to a lot of the music i LOVE that he considers "weird" - like coil. this song has been my constant companion for the last two days ... actually this whole album has been - it shifts perfectly from their more industrial songs to the ones that match this rain we've been having perfectly. i was complaining to my best friend about how much it hurts me that we will never get to see coil live & her response was "but blaire! coil will play for us in HEAVEN!!"


ps - is it weird that i consider this a dance song?

pss - guess who can't sleep alone? and ends up staying awake watching stupid things on hulu? until her eyes feel like bleeding? and also eats a whole pint of ice cream while doing so? siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

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