Monday, May 17, 2010

slowly, then quickly.




we had a really nice weekend - lots of shopping & eating & drinking in the sun. got a maxi leopard print skirt that i am in love with - very 90's, very excited to wear it. went pretty overboard on saturday (umm, never let me start drinking at 4pm again please!) which resulted in me staying in bed, watching the office & guzzling coconut water all day yesterday. i finally feel like a human again, thank god.

we've been spending a nice day cleaning & non-stop laughing at our two parakeets; it's gotten pretty warm out, so they've been fighting over who gets to sit in the water dish to cool down. super hilarious & adorable. i start my new job on wednesday & i couldn't be more excited - ridiculous pay + within walking distance from our house = DREAM COME TRUE! my fiance is leaving for a trip later this week, which i am not looking forward to, even though he always comes home with the best presents.




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