Friday, May 21, 2010

real savage like


title: Ведьма
magazine: playing fashion winter 2010
model: irina denisova
photographer: lev efimov

in love with this editorial - especially the bathtub photo (reminds me of "the craft") & the coat in the last shot.

i am lazing about after a week of pure insanity; multiple early morning trips to the airport + starting a new job + thinking it's okay to eat only raw almonds = extreme exhaustion. my fiance is out of town, and no matter the ridiculous amount of calls/texts i get from him, coming home to our empty house is ... sad, to say the least. the photos he's sent of the apartments he is looking at for us are NOT SAD AT ALL THOUGH. palm trees, guys. PALM - TREES.

i am going to make dinner now (brussel sprouts with lemon & garlic and butternut squash ravioli) and then sleep the sleep of the dead. have to recharge myself, because tomorrow is going to be A DAY!


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